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Artikelnummer: FXN 30K-2M

EAN: 4045761180260

Tischwaage geschützt durch Edelstahl und Schutzklasse IP68, auch mit Eichzulassung [M]

Wägefläche B×T 236×195  mm

Material Wägeplatte: Edelstahl

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Kategorie: Food (Küche/Edelstahl/IP65...68-Schutz)

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Suitable for the ever-increasing hygienic requirements in the food industry Your support in a HACCP-compliant quality system Ideal for the robust industrial applications Dust and splash water protection IP68. Therefore very robust and durable. Ideal for rough environmental conditions. Even immersion of the scale in water possible Stainless steel design of the housing and weighing plate. Its smooth surfaces make it simple to clean Very fast display: steady weight values within 2 s High mobility: thanks to battery operation, compact, lightweight construction, it is suitable for the use in several locations Recessed grips on the underside of the scale for easy transportation

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