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Refraktometer Analog 0-12: U.(sG) 1,000-1,050: BI 1,3330-1,3600

Artikelnummer: ORA 2PB

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'The models in the KERN ORA-P range are universal, maintenance-free analogue manual refractometers The handy and robust design allows the easy, efficient and sustainable use in everyday life Manually calculated conversions and errors of the user are avoided by multiple selectable scales. These scales are especailly developed, exactly calculated and checked. They are also characterized by their thin and clear lines. The optical system and the prism cover are made of special material which allows a low-tolerance measuring. All models are fitted with an eyepiece which can be adjusted easily and smoothly to different visual capacities Included with the delivery:

Pictogrammes: Automatische Temperaturkompensation: Für Messungen zwischen 10 °C und 30 °C2 Jahre GewährPaketversand per Kurierdienst. Versandbereit in 1 Tag
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