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Kraft-Weg-Auswertesoftware mit graphischer Darstellung des Messverlaufs

Artikelnummer: AFH FD

EAN: 4045761122536

Kraft-Weg-Auswertesoftware mit graphischer Darstellung des Messverlaufs

Kategorie: Sauter Kraftmessgeräte

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AFH-FD software is designed for all applications that require the measurement of forces, depending on the displacement. Typically these are force progression graphs in penetration tests or pullout testsThe program simultaneously requests the measurements from a force-measuring device, e.g. SAUTER FH, as well as a length-measuring device, e.g. SAUTER LB or. SAUTER LD abThe measurements from both instruments are transferred continuously to the PC, synchronised by the resp. software and exported in the form of a graphic, as well as free data format for simple processing in Microsoft Excel?The software AFH FD resp. AFH LD is compatible with all instruments of series SAUTER FC, FH, FLThese measuring instruments are usually used with SAUTER test benches, in particular those from the SAUTER and ranges. However, it is also possible to use them with mechanical testing machinesFurther analysis functions:- Dilation of the test object- Tensile and compressive force- Load test- Archiving the recorded dataScope of delivery for SAUTER AFH FD or AFH LD:- Software AFH FD or LD on DVD- User instructions- RS 232 interface cable for FH (FH-A01)- RS 232 interface cable for FL (FL-A04)- USB interface cable for FL (FL-A01)- RS 232 interface cable for LB (LB-A01)Compatible with the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10Order example for a complete test system:- FH 5K. (Digital force gauge)- LB 300-2. (Digital length measuring device)- AFH FD (Force-distance evaluation software)- TVM 5000N230N.* (Test stand)- LB-A02* (Mounting LB on test stands)- 2¡Á AFH 12 (RS-232/USB adapter)- AC 04* (Test object holder)- 963-163* (Force calibration)- 961-150* (Length calibration)* not necessarily required for operating the AFH FD software

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